August 26th, 2019

The only thing better than discovering a new book with a powerful message is remembering to reach for that book when I need to be reminded of its message.

For this week’s Monday Boost:

A parenting book. a spirit boost book. a podcast.

How to Talk So…



July 14th, 2019


My one tip: spend ten minutes booking your top three priorities into your calendar on Sunday nights.

Just. Do. IT!

My three priorities:

  1. Exercise 4x week
  2. 2. Time with kids
  3. 3. Time with people who inspire me
Melanie Gordon Photography

For busy moms, this time-efficient act is a MASSIVE gamechanger. I see clients in The MoMentum experiencing dramatic relief and growth because they’ve adopted this discipline.

I started booking my workouts into the calendar a few months ago and the results are BEYOND: I have TONS more energy (which is surprising for those who know my already energetic self) my clothes are fitting much better, and I feel more confident in networking and professional settings.

Click here to read about the impact that tools like the Sunday weekly planning is having on others.