August 26th, 2019

The only thing better than discovering a new book with a powerful message is remembering to reach for that book when I need to be reminded of its message.

For this week’s Monday Boost:

A parenting book. a spirit boost book. a podcast.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen: Our boys are entering an era of sibling spats and this book is my secret training manual on how to referee the seemingly unending battles.

Poetic Inspiration: Embers. I pick up this book, open it up to wherever my fingers guide and soak in whatever the page wants me to heed in that moment.

How I Built This: James Dyson. This podcast features compelling stories of entrepreneurs and this latest one about the Dyson inventor left me with energy to persevere…in spite of.



July 14th, 2019


My one tip: spend ten minutes booking your top three priorities into your calendar on Sunday nights.

Just. Do. IT!

My three priorities:

  1. Exercise 4x week
  2. 2. Time with kids
  3. 3. Time with people who inspire me
Melanie Gordon Photography

For busy moms, this time-efficient act is a MASSIVE gamechanger. I see clients in The MoMentum experiencing dramatic relief and growth because they’ve adopted this discipline.

I started booking my workouts into the calendar a few months ago and the results are BEYOND: I have TONS more energy (which is surprising for those who know my already energetic self) my clothes are fitting much better, and I feel more confident in networking and professional settings.

Click here to read about the impact that tools like the Sunday weekly planning is having on others.